A UX Designer By Any Other Name

As designers look for new opportunities this season, searching “UX Designer” will not show the full array of open roles. This is due, in part, to job boards having multiple titles for those who can understand user needs and create exceptional digital experiences. Let’s go over a few: While there are many names for UX […]

Designing AI Products

It seems like everything has an AI (artificial intelligence) feature lately — including emails, music streaming apps, and photo editing software. As more AI products pop up, UX designers must know how to design them. While the UX process remains the same, there are some things designers should know to create exceptional AI user experiences. […]

You can design a website, but can you build it?

We separate the roles of designer and developer, but every designer should have a basic knowledge of web development. I am not suggesting that you learn JavaScript or SQL, but if a client approaches you to redesign their site, you should be able to use one of the many content management systems (CMS) or website […]

You should freelance in your free time

If you just switched to UX design and are waiting to land your first full-time position, or you’re in the industry and have the bandwidth for extra projects, you should consider freelancing. For both the newcomer and the seasoned professional, freelancing as a side gig can propel your career forward in the following ways: Between […]

Design Challenge #1 — AI Chatbot

Objective: Redesign the user interface for an existing AI chatbot to enhance its user experience and functionality. The new interface should be visually appealing, intuitive, and improve the chatbot’s ability to assist users effectively. Requirements: Optional: Deliverables:

The Future is UX

It is hard not to think about which innovation is up next. Recently, we’ve seen incredible advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, extended reality (XR), and even wearable devices. Although our everyday tech continues to grow more complex, one thing remains clear: how we, the users of these technologies, interact with them is of the […]

Welcome to UX Unlocked

So you’ve taken the courses, gotten the certifications, and are currently working in the industry (or making the transition), but how are you continuing to develop your skills or remaining competitive? Staying up-to-date in user experience (UX) design is not just a task — it’s an ongoing commitment to adapt to the ever-evolving digital world. […]